my red perfection

this is a short story about my favorite fall jacket.
i got it from my friend last year. she bought it in secand-hand but she didnt’t feel it so she gave it to me.
i can’t be more grateful! because i love this jacket so much!

it’s my ‚must have’! i wear it almost everyday with casual clothes and with more elegant too.
it’s red and warm (made of wool).
thanks to the color i’m already thinking about christmas in october!

hope you like too!

the jacket is from next (bought in second-hand)

the dress is from marks and spencer (bought in second-hand)
sparkling shoes are from deezee

the infinity scarf is made by me! 
 yes! i can sew hats, scarves and shawls! 

red and brown and red – perfect combination!

click the links for more!

all photos are mine! english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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