what we read – kids #1

do you like to read books?
i do!
i’m totally obsessed with books when i first read ‚the land of laughts’ by jonathan carroll
so it’s normal that i want my kids to love books just as much as i do!
when i go shopping i always come back with one or two (for me and one for the kids).
we have a lot of books in our household!
i love children books nowadays. you can choose from among so many titles, authors and publishers.
in the children’s section of a bookstore i feel like heaven!

not every day we have time to read together but on the weekends there is always time to do it!
so today i want to share two books that my kids love lately.

let’s read!

first book is about space, both of my kids love it!
my 7yr old son and my 3yr daughter
is an interactive, very colorful book which answers a lot of questions about the cosmos. children can even see how astronauts use the toilet. my son loves that part! 
‚look inside: space’ by  jones rob lloyd
‚kosmos bez tajemnic’ the polish edition 

interactive windows is great fun for kids!

the second book is ‚dinosaurs’ by victoria egan
it’s also interactiv with an attached magnifying glass to watch the small details that make the kids feel like real explorers!

‚dinozaury’ the polish edition! 

hope you find time to read this weekend!

what books your kids read most?

any titles?

click the links for more!

all photos are mine! english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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