moody woods

you know those days when you don’t want to get out of bed?
and even when the sun shines through the window you want to cover up and stay in it forever!?
when you have kids you need to get up and then you’re walking from corner to corner whole day counting minutes when your children will sleep soundly!

i also have these days!

the last time i had it my husband was still at home. so i could be all moody, spending time in my ‚corners’. i even took a nap!!! (never happens when you have super active little kids!)
anyway, when i woke up i decided to go take some photos of new poncho that i bought recently.
it was a perfect scenery as the sun was setting down but i couldn’t find myself in the situation.
i felt totally not in the mood and then i discovered that around me float a delicate pollen from the reeds. when i touched the cane in the air flew out so much of it that it looked almost like snow!
this one little thing made my good mood returned!!!
pollen from reeds on our domestic peat bogs made me feel alive again! how weird and funny is that??? but it worked for me! it really did!
i call it the magic of nature!

so these photos are not properly about the clothes that i’m wearing but these specks flying around me, which made me feel happy again!!!

as the sun was setting down…

feeling down myself…

and then magic happens!


how cool is that???

dancing in the ‚snow’ 


white tee is from secondhand
necklace is from bershka
poncho is from tally weijl

black jeans are from h&m i got it from my sister
bike boots from deezee 
hope you like my little story? 
what simple things make you happy? let me know! 
have a great friday everyone! 
click the links and you will find similar things!
all photos are mine! english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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