let’s decor

i think is the last sunny weekend over here and i’m totally in the mood for decoring!
are you already prepared your homes for fall?

with each change of a season i changed the decor of my house!
i always start from big cleaning and hiding decorations from the previous months. then i get down to the closets; prepares right clothes for the upcoming season! all of mine scarves, hats and cozy sweaters are ready to put on! children cabinets are also ready!
then i pull out all fall (or other) decorations and my creative self kick in! i go through a lot of inspiring photos and i create my own variations on the theme.

this autumn, color of the falling leaves is my favorite with a bit of white backgraound.
here are the photos which inspired me the most:

the perfect corner of the room! these colors!

 simple table set! 

sparkling leaves easy to make at home with kids! 

ordinary twig and what an effect!

simple decorations to make at home!

white&grey love it!

with a little black

they are very simple decorations, in most tableware, but small changes in every room can give a captivating effect!
i love when the house is cozy and nice and these decorations will certainly create such an effect!

let’s decor!!!

photos via google and pinterest
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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