the misty mornings

i’m an owl!
totally night person.
i love to sit alone at nights when the whole house is sleeping.
i’m super angry when i have to get up early.
i hate to talk in the morning; i had to have my coffee first and breakfast.
last year when my son was still in kindergarden, we were the last ones there. always late.
all summer i was thinking about how i manage to get up at six in the morning when he will go to school. the school bus won’t wait for us!?
on the last days of summer holidays i was preparing myself for early wake up.
going to bed befor midnight is really hard!!!
put away the phone, not chacking on instagram, twitter and all of that. close the book i’m lately reading. switch off the tv. fall asleep.
i practice it every night and i’m getting better every morning!!!

as the days become longer, i can fit more things in my daily schedule and i have more time in the morning for lazy breakfast. i have also one new favorite thing to do just after i get up –  watching how the new day wakes up!
the early mornings are very peaceful and quiet in our village.
it can be very inspiring!
nature has the great power!
i’m happy that i’m living so close to it and i can take part in thist ‚magical show’ every morning!

fall brings us misty mornings, here are the photos i took few days ago:

my roses in dew! continues to bloom despite the cold nights.

the next morning, when you will be all grumpy and stuff, look outside your window, drink coffee or tea and think –  mother nature always wakes up with a smile!
try to do the same! be good for yourself!!!
i practice every day (just after 6a.m)!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

6 uwag do wpisu “the misty mornings

  1. Świetnie rozumiem, jak urodzę nie wiem jak poskładam to całe towarzystwo, żeby zawieźć Wojtka do przedszkola! Uff, chyba już zacznę się przygotowywać, bo też jestem nocnym markiem ;)Świetny post :)



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