the story behind the photos

i was sitting on the porch today.
it was perfect fall day, sunny and warm.
i was thinking… why is that when i’m planning a photoshoot for my outfits from secondhands, there is always so cold and rainy or windy? why???

my husband is mine photographer. we can only shoot when he’s here. most of the time he spends abroad so as he comes home we have so many plans; it’s hard to push anything at all and even more photoshoots. what more the photos takes us long time because we’re still learning about it!
so last time when he was home we took two photoshoots in the most bad weather durning the whole summer. yes! it was still summer, super cold, rainy and windy but the photos are perfect for the new season. they’re totally fall photos!!!

the first photoshoot you already saw here and today i want to show you the second one!

perfect look for warm fall weather!
the jeans shirt it’s an oldie from big star. i didn’t buy it, i got it from my sister in law.
you can find similar here
the dress is from atmosphere, one of my favourite found in secondhand!
more cool dresses here
booties are from deezee
love the back of the dress! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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