slow down weekend

it’s weekend!
it’s time to slow down!
do you have time to have time???

the weeks are super busy lately. so when the weekend starts i really need to stop and just look around, listen to the sounds of nature and be thankful for this lovely life i’m living.

as you know i’m totally pro – slow life and slow fashion. i love to cherish every moment of my simple life.
the days are running fast sometimes; the minutes pass and i feel sad and exhausted because i know that i miss something…. like a lot! especially when it comes to the kids (they’re growing too fast!).
when the weekend comes i just need to breath out all the negative energy and breath in the peacefulness and love from my family.

i slow down for the weekends (sometimes even longer!) try to do the same.
just stop and look, listen and be!
spend time with your family and hug someone, truly from the heart! you will feel better! i promise you!

my essentials this weekend:

totally love this look!
 100% my style! leggins, oversize sweater! 
photo via pinterest

oh, mr grey…

obsessed with this tea lately!
you can buy it here

i fall in love with this sweater!!!
just perfect! is from free people
you can buy it here

hunters because i’m living in the countryside! 
you can buy it here

comfy leggins from h&m

the color i’m wearing almost everyday now – vibrant mandarin 
cosy blanket….. see you in bed….
hope you have time to have time…..and stop for a moment or for the weekend! 
don’t run just look around yourself! life is beautiful!
have a great weekend world!!! 
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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