moody fall

after rainy night the rainbow welcome us in the morning.
it was a perfect view. simple beauty (photo on my instagram page).
but unfortunately the clouds came out and the day became gloomy and my mood gone down.
in a day like this in order to feel better i need a lot of tea and snuggles on the couch, under warm blanket with a good book or fashion magazine in my hand…
so i drunk some tea in my favorite cup and search for autumn inspiration to make my home more cosy on cold days and bad moods.

here are the photos which inspired me the most:

the motto of today!

my fav tea is earl grey with  lemon!

this vintage tea set is just perfect. 
i love combination of blue and white!

drink tea and take a nap!

this crochet blanket is what i want!!!

chocolate make me happy in any form!

chinese porcelain

maybe a tea in a barn?!

love this pic so much!

fall set!

is it hard to drink tea in a hammock??? let’s try!

cute macaroons

this is a perfect decor for me – white and grey.
so cosy with all the pillows.

i just fall in love with this outfit!!! 
the colors and oversize cardigan!

let’s snuggle on the porch with a good book in a hand.
cheers! all the tea lovers!
have a lovely day and drink some tea!
photos via google and pinterest
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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