cranberry love

after super hot summer is nice to have a perfect, sunny and warm fall weather.
i love this time of the year when you can still wear t-shirt and also a cosy cardigan; when the evening getting longer; the leaves change color and nature prepares for winter sleep.
as fall is coming closer and closer you can find pumpkins on the farmer markets and other autumn veggies and fruits (plums!).
yesterday we went to the swamps to pick some cranberries. it made my day because i love to drink hot tea with it durning the cold winter evenings. we’re planing to go several times to gather more for comfiture.

here are some photos from cranberry sunday:

it was a perfect sunday morning! 
recipe for cranberry jam coming soon. 
hope you had an amazing weekend! 
all photos are mine!

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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