slow life slow fashion

i love my simple life. far away from big cities. in the middle of nowhere.
i love that in our village everyone know each other. that our kids can grow up here and be safe.
i’m living my simple life with family, my own small forest and veggie garden (with a lot of kale in it) two dogs, one cat and a guinea pig. everyday is just a celebration of peaceful moments. even when i’m working in the town or doing milions of errands i’m truly happy when i’m leaving the chaos and going back home. the quietness and the smell of woods. it’s my place on earth!
as i’m so close to nature and slow life i have one addiction totally from ‚the big world’….
yes, know this ‚big world’ don’t like ‚slow life’ but it works for me and relax me some how!? (weird right?)
fashion magazines are ‚must have’ every month. checking all the trands. the new seasons collections. the front rows durning the fashion weeks (ny fashion week right now!) and all the glam! i love in it!
but as you already know i don’t like shopping for clothes. i don’t really check online shops. when i go shopping i always come back with books or magazines. i rather buy something for my kids than for me (mommy mode)!
so i had to find a perfect way to mix my love for slow life and fashion world.
my solution is second hand shops! you don’t have to buy new expensive things/clothes to be fashionable. in seconhands you can find some real gems, and give them a second life!!!!!
i buy clothes this way for more than five years now and it fits great with my simple life!!!!

lately i found this pieces:

black&white with a bit of gold
it was a cold day!
the cardigan is from f&f also from secondhand
i love the white shirt!
sadly i don’t know the brand of it because someone cut off the labels 

pants are from new look 

my sparkling shoes are from deezee
love the back of the shirt!

it was so cold and windy…
on my blog you will find a slow life with slow fashion. 
trends and pie 
family and home
nature and beauty
my style! 
be yourself and love life

all photos are mine!

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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