back to school

hi! it’s weekend, again!
(how did it happen anyway???)

i know that i’m ‚mia’ lately but it was very improtant week for our family. my little lady started preschool and my lego boy started 1st grade (school?what?).
back to school was a really big thing here. we got pretty excited and we made big preparations.

are your kids choosing what they’re wearing? my kids always have an opinion about that! even my 3yrs old know exactly what she would like to wear or have.
this season the main color for kids fashion is ‚grey’ but my children really like all the colorful clothes so it was a bit hard to find something they like as much as i did.
i love ‚grey’ so i basically love all the new collection in the shops but i had to compromise with my little ones and find something that will fit them too.

here are our picks for ‚back to school’ time:

my little lady love this blouse from c&a

my son told me that he look like he’s going on a date in this one! 

i love this sweater from h&m

my pick and my little lady love it too!
from h&m

something for winter time! i know is too soon but hey it is a lovely jacket! 

totally love it!!! 

my boy have it and love it!

my pic with my fav grey and white color! 

my son’s backpack! he’s a big fan of star wars!

this backpack was my son’s first pick!
you can desing your own backpack if you like!
more on scooli

lunchbox from planeta dziecka
backpacks for my preschool kid!

i’ve mixed clothes from boys and girls to show you that sometimes you can buy boys trousers (for example) for a girl or other way round (it’s harder with girls clothes) but you can still play with kids oufits as long as the kids like it too!

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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