hello from berlin

hello friday! it was a crazy week!

my little one started preschool (what?) and we took a short trip to berlin. i went there alone with the kids by train. it was not the first time we travel to berlin by train but is always an adventure with little ones! one change trains and more than 3 hours drive. last year it was a bit of drama but this time the kids did great. we took a lot of snacks with us, small books, crayons and of course, the tablet for my older one (not happy about that but is life nowadays).

berlin is a city that we quite often visit because my husband’s sister lives there with family.
is one of my favorite cities. i love the architecture there and the look of small, old streets. i also love the energy of berlin.
we don’t actually go sightseeing because we already know all the popular places. we often just enjoying the beautiful charlottenburg and our favorites spots there.
this time we spent three days in berlin. the first day me and my sister-in-low just went shopping with our little girls. we needed some time for relax with good coffee. here are all best places for shopping in berlin.
the second day we took the kids to zoo. germany’s oldes zoo zoological garden / zoo aquarium we spent a whole day there. the kids love it. we came back home totally exhausted! it was a great day!
the third day we planned to visit old national gallery but the little lady of mine got sick and we had to stay at home. till the next time national gallery!

here are few photos from our trip to berlin:

off to zoo

elephants in big city (a bit strange for me…)
boys chacking the map 
this crazy guys
the best fries in zoo 

they run very fast
aquarium my fav part
why they look at the rocks???
playground the best part of the zoo trip!
fall is coming…
the best ice creams in berlin are from eisstein.berlin 
my little lady had blueberries and pistachio for me! 
so delicous!!! 

the city life 
it’s nice for a few days but i’m for sure a country girl
true berliner armin von kisiuś the son of our cat ginger
homemade sushi made by cris! 
holiday inn at my sister’s

have you ever been in berlin? what are your fav spots to visit there???
let me know!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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