the last days of summer

these are the last days of summer holidays. school starts soon so we’re doing everything to fill our days with sun, laughter and ice creams or watermelons!

it will be very hard to say ‚goodbye’ to the summer days. we love to sleep late, eating lazy breakfast on the porch, wearing our pajams till noon, running around barefoot; eating a lot of ice creams and swimming in our small pool. i will miss summer evenings (the smell of it) and the chirping of crickets!

summer stay with us forever!


our cat loves long walks with us!

the view


just lying on the grass and reading kukbuk
making our own blueberries ice creams!

these dirty feet

playground fun!

working hard

hello friend!

prince charming!

hope you have an amazing time enjoying your last days of summer!!!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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