the white dress

i found this dress back in winter. i have to wait few months to wear it.

i love white clothes especially in summer. it makes your skin look prettier. 
i was very excited when i brought the dress in secandhand. is from river island and it looks like is made from lace but is just a pattern on fabric. is very soft and light and it has also a beautiful adornment at the neck.
it is an elegant dress but i don’t feel good in elegant clothes so i’m wearing it with flats, sandals or my red wellingtons! 
the dress is too big for me so i add a delicate white belt to look smaller. 
yes! the back of the dress is pretty awesome!

and my red boots!

green white and red

beautiful front
and the back

what do you think? 
scandhand wins? right??? 
thanks to my hubby for taking the photos! 
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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