cottage house

all my life i was dreaming about white little house with red roof!
thanks to my hubby we built one and we can enjoy our life in the countryside.
when you have a house you know that there’s always something to work on. sometimes is just painting, sometimes small changes, sometimes big makeover.
the house is changing with the seasons outside the window! in spring we want colors (green, pink, yellow) in summer leitmotif is the sun and the sea, in autumn colorful leaves and in winter christmas!

i really love to re-decor my house. i think about it a lot. read about it a lot. i want my house to be very cosy, a bit of elegant and kids friendly ( tough one)!

i’m very proud when someone says ‚i love your house’. i’m working on it very hard and is not so easy when you have little kids and love white colors and clean rooms. trust me!!!

for a long time, i’m obssesed with cottage houses. these white interiors are my dream!
sometimes i spent ‚hours’ just reviewing photos of it and dreaming that someday my house will change in one of these beautiful houses.
still a lot of work ahead of me so here are my last inspirations!

our house is white too but with red roof and brown porch
what a room?

the simple bathroom but so perfect!

a bit of color

perfect decor for spring and summer 
these windows!

so cosy!

wood, white colors everywhere – my dream 
french patio! 
do you like re-decor your houses or apartments?
what are your inspirations?
photos via google and pinterest
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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