recipe from the woods – fruits under crumble

as you already know we were blueberries picking
we had a lot of it at home so i decided to make something different than smoothies and ice creams.
i chose easy and fast recipe as always.
i adopted this simple recipe from one of my fav cookbook by sophie dahl (i wrote about the book in the link).
it’s a simple dessert and you can use almost any fruits you want. i use our organic blueberries and organic apples from my grandma.

all organic! 
everything in one bowl

mix soft butter, spelt flour and oatmeal

add brown sugar at the end and mix
prepare fruits

put the fruits into the form 

i mixed the fruits with the crumble 

and it’s ready!

simple beauty

eat still hot with sweet sauce or yoghurt!

yummy yummy
my oven broke down so i had to bake in my mama’s small kitchen. it was a really hot day, without air conditioning; it was quite an adventure!!! 
to make fruits under crumble you need: 
– fruits (any you like) 
– 115g flour ( i used spelt flour) 
– 50g oatmeal
-100g soft butter
– 50g brown sugar 

mix flour, soft butter, brown sugar and oatmeal. put the crumble on the fruits. bake 30min or till the fruits will be hot and crumble perfectly gold. eat still hot with sweet sauce or yoghurt!

easy and fast! enjoy!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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