blueberries picking

these are the last three weeks of summer break for the kids. i’m doing my best to entertain them. we’re are living in the countryside, so there is always something to do but you know how kids get bored quickly!
today we decided to visit grandma. she has a small summer house with garden full of flowers, veggies and fruits!!!
we spent a whole day there. having fun and picking blueberries!
now i can make some pie with it and freeze some for the winter! kids had great time so it was a really good day!

here are some pics from today!

blueberries – tons of it!

checking on grandma’s  veggies 

strawberries from the bush

a bit of fashion in the garden 


countryside – slow life

these flowers

a lot of fun for kids today

sunflower, bees and horseflies

because i love sunflowers
cheers to the slow summer days! 
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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