ice creamy summer

we lately visited a little ice cream spot in town, close to our village.
we’re obsessed with it. it’s our new happy place.
the ice creams there are handmade with natural ingredients. everyday they made some new flavors like parsley or aloe or minions!
my kids love strawberry and chocolate.
we love (me&hubby) marzipan!!! so delicious!

here are some photos from our visit there!

so many flavors! 

chocolate and caramel!

cute minions girl 

chocolate and marzipan

i think the minion wants to try your ice cream!

yummy yummy! 

flavors: diet, yoghurt, halvah, minions, cookies, marzipan

flavors: caramel, chocolate, straciatella, mango, currant, parsley

cuteness overload! 

i ate way too many scoops! 
the place is called  lodziarnia cukiernia nowaczyńscy take a look or visit yourself!!!  
this post in not sponsored! i genuinely love this ice cream shop! 
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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