lately hunted in secandhand

as you already know i don’t like to buy clothes in big shops or with ‚milion’ other people. i wrote more about it in this post
my style is casual, a bit sporty. i like to feel comfy in my clothes (it’s very important when you have kids). in summer i wear a lot of different dresses, shorts and t-shirts.
today i want to share with you my recently hunted (in secandhand of course) dress.
the little ‚funky’ dress it’s how i call it.

perfect summer day in countryside – harvest in my funky dress
i never knew that, this fashion photoshoots are so hard to do.
i felt very weird doing it so I tried not to pose. 
hope you like the photos. thanks to my hubby. he’s the perfect photographer. 
guess who seated me there? it was fun! 

I try to keep a balance!

almost there!

i’m up!

proud me!

my sandals are from deezee

my place on earth – countryside perfect place to live

look at this ‚funky’ pattern, frills and pockets
the dress is from yumi. it’s very light, perfect for hot summer!

all photos are mine!

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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