recipe from the woods – banana ice creams

yes! it’s true we love bananas in our household.
so taday i want to share with you a very fast and easy (as always) recipe for banana ice creams.
my kids love ice creams. we eat it almost everyday, even in winter; but our local store doesn’t have much choice of ice creams and going to the city for just one scoop is not always a fun. so magic happens in the kitchen and delicious ice creams are ready to eat.
it’s a healthy snack without any sugar, just pure fruit!
my kids love it!!!

easy and fast! you don’t need nothing more! 

just mix the bananas and it’s ready!

put into ice cream forms or cups

after 2-3 hours ice creams are ready to eat!

healthy snack for kids and adults!

to make banana ice creams you need: 
– 2 or more bananas ( i use very sweet organic bananas)
– cups or ice cream forms

if you want your ice creams to be more creamy you can add some yoghurt or milk. if you want to make it more like sorbet you can add some water or banana juice. you can also add other fruits like strawberries.

easy and fast! enjoy!

all photos are mine!

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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