the white dress

i found this dress back in winter. i have to wait few months to wear it.i love white clothes especially in summer. it makes your skin look prettier. i was very excited when i brought the dress in secandhand. is from river island and it looks like is made from lace but is just a pattern on fabric. … Czytaj dalej the white dress

cottage house

all my life i was dreaming about white little house with red roof!thanks to my hubby we built one and we can enjoy our life in the countryside.when you have a house you know that there's always something to work on. sometimes is just painting, sometimes small changes, sometimes big makeover.the house is changing with the … Czytaj dalej cottage house

ice creamy summer

we lately visited a little ice cream spot in town, close to our village.we're obsessed with it. it's our new happy place.the ice creams there are handmade with natural ingredients. everyday they made some new flavors like parsley or aloe or minions!my kids love strawberry and chocolate.we love (me&hubby) marzipan!!! so delicious!here are some photos from our visit … Czytaj dalej ice creamy summer

wedding fever

it was a very busy week here in our small little sister got married last weekend.we had guests from england and italy. a lot of people, a lot of pre-wedding and after-wedding parties.i will share photos from the special day soon but now i want to show some inspirational photos of country wedding ideas.just … Czytaj dalej wedding fever