recipe from the woods – banana bread

as u know i don’t like to cook but i love cookbooks.
i have pretty good collections of it; and still looking for new ones.
i just adore them. i often sit and go through all the recipes imagine that i will cook all of it!
maybe some day!!!
i love all the photos, especially the ones that show celebration of slow food, slow life!
one of my fav cookbook is ‚miss dahl’s voluptuous delights’ by sophie dahl.
every page of this book is so pretty. it’s a true festival of good, delicious, slow cook food!
i like how sophie is talking about her love for cooking and baking. how she’s showing the readers her life through the recipes.
more about the book and sophie dahl you can find on at the kitchen table

my polish edition of ‚miss dahl’s…’ 

sophie in action 

i love all the photos and sotries that she share

my copy is a bit torn. i use it too often
because i love to bake i have a very easy recipe for you from sophie’s book.
banana bread recipe. it’s fast and my kids love it. it’s perfect for a yummy breakfast or dessert. 
as always everything in just one jug

blend and mold 


so delicouse

take a bite of still hot piece
 to make banana bread you need:
– 75g soft butter
– 4 bananas
– 200g brown sugar
– 1 egg
– 1 tb spoon vanilla extract
– 1 t spoon baking soda
–  pinch of salt
– 170g spelt flour

mix up all the ingredients and pour into the baking form.

bake 1 hour in 180’C
easy and fast! enjoy!
this post in not sponsored! i genuinely love this book! 
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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