hunting for…

i usually know what i want. i have this vision in my head. i have a plan and i go!
i go shopping for the clothes from my vision! i go to the city (an hour drive by car or train) i’m walking around after all the stores and can’t find nothing at all.
i’m so angry because there is always so many people in the shops (why there is always so many people in the city, everywhere???)
i’m disappointed because i can’t find what i want. i can’t find the clothes from my visions! and i’m going back home with nothing or with books, no cothes! (the smell of new book – my other obsession but this is for different post).
after day like that i just have to go to the one and only place that i know i definitely find something for myself!
to secondhand!!!
there i hunt!
i hunt cothes!
i’m master in this.
i love secondhand hunting!
in our nearset town (just 20min drive by car from our village), there are five or more secondhands. there are days when you can be basically alone inside; you can concentrate on your hunt!
almost everything i have in my closet is from secondhand. only things i don’t buy is secondhands are jeans and underwear .
maybe because i love our slow life in the woods i also prefer slow shopping.
so i would like to show you what i hunted lately!

me in my secondhand outfit from head to toes 
i buy shoes online  (another kind of slow shopping) this white ones are from deezee 
this pants are so comfy and a bit retro style with high waist 
there are from ‚miss selfridge’ 

black&white colors of the season 

top is from ‚new look’ 
grey which i love


very casual and comfy look

my secondhand set 

perfect match
the bag is from local store 

i’m a big fan of casual and a bit sporty style. it’s my style for sure.
from time to time i will share with you clothes which i hunted in secondhands!!!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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