day in the city

from time to time i just need to get away from the woods.
last wednesday i spent in the city with one of my best friends, ola.
we studied together at university and after so many years we still keep in touch. even though we live far apart we always try to meet and catch up with everything (this crazy fast life)!

our day was perfect; full of girls talk, laugh, shopping, good food and sun!

love to spend time with this girl! 
she’s the most cheerful person i know and an inspiration for me!
ola writes an amazing blog lifeStyle by Ola 

details and fashion 
colors in the sun 
fresh flowers 
my ‚it girl’ 
small bakery 
love this simple style 
me in ola’s eyes 
girl in big city
the city
thank u ola for this best day ever!!!!
you can read more about our day out on ola’s blog lifeStyle by Ola – a perfect day out
all photos are mine and ola’s. 
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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