lately obsessed with…

i have this tendency to get obsessed with things (cosmetics, music, films, books, magazines, clothes, home decor, or even people)

so here are few of mine latest obsessions:

maybelline color sesational – pink pop 
i love this lipstic so much. it’s one of mine longest obsessions. i bought it back in winter, because the color reminded me about summer and the sun. now i’m wearing it almost everday. just a bit of black mascara and pink pop on your lips and you’re ready to go! 

u can find more about it here: maybelline

brikenstock – arizona briko-flor white 
they’re so ‚fancy’ now. when i was wearing mine old ones few years ago (i think it was more than few years) everyone laughed at me. brikenstocks were called shoes for old people but i loved them and i still do. this season brikenstoks are ‚must have’ and they deserved it.
 they’re super comfy and i really need a new pair (or two)!
u can find more about it here: brikenstock
this post in not sponsored! i genuinely love these things! 

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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